Gardening: A Picture is Worth a Million Words

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by on June 8, 2010

IMG_7084 I am excited at how well the garden is doing.

I’m NOT excited that we have already hit 100 degree weather this summer, but so far everything is adjusting fine. We adjusted the water system to make sure they are getting plenty of water (and a couple times throughout the day).

The biggest joy this week was that I was finally able to pick a large tomato (shown above)! This is an accomplishment since last year the big ones kept cracking on me. I also learned Starbucks gives away FREE 5 lb bags of used coffee grounds for your garden. I just added the grounds and look forward to seeing how it does.

And here are more pictures of how everything is growing in my garden this week…

IMG_7086 This is 1 of 4 watermelons (that I can find) now growing. I took this picture on Saturday, and I think it has already doubled in size- so next week’s update will be fun! Since this is my first time growing watermelon- I had NO IDEA how big the plant would get – seriously, it is trying to take over the rest of the back yard…

IMG_7091 We finally have an eggplant growing, too. I was worried about this plant since it didn’t seem to handle the transplant very well- but recently it started to perk up and produce it’s first fruits…

IMG_7092 My lettuce is starting to really produce, too. Unfortunately, the spinach didn’t make it and I’m not sure why, but it nice to be able to pick fresh lettuce from the garden for a salad or sandwich…

IMG_7088 And you know from past garden updates that the zucchini is doing very well, but I wanted to show you one still growing. The plant is HUGE, so finding a way in to take a decent picture was a challenge, but it is an excellent plant to grow…

IMG_7093 And finally, you can see in this picture that I have plenty of new tomatoes still on the vine. Only 1 has ripened yet, but I have a feeling that they will all start to change at the same time and then I’ll be looking for tomato recipes!

Now, it’s your turn, what surprises are you finding in your garden? What is growing and starting to produce? If you have a blog, link up your blog post with Mr.Linky. If not, leave a comment- I’d love to hear how your garden is growing!


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  • Well the garden is definately growing! My corn stalks are looking good and I have a couple little cherry tomatoes that haven’t been eaten (yet) by pests! I am concerned about the canteloupe, it seems to have hit a wall, but my zucchini is doing well (obviously!) :)
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Garden Updates! =-.

  • Oh fun, I’ll go check out your update right now…excited to hear about your corn. And good job on keeping your cantaloupe going…mine didn’t last a week I think! :)

  • Beautiful photos! Your garden is so far ahead of mine! i can’t wait for some fried green tomatoes! YUm!! my tomato plants have just started to flower. We are harvesting our cold crops now, summer veggies are just coming up.
    Your eggplant looks fabulous. i tried growing it last year, and something kept eating the flowers off..and then it would never produce a fruit.

    Love the garden updates! i just posted mine too. :)
    .-= tree´s last blog ..Garden updates =-.

  • Shanna C

    I don’t have a blog to show off my garden, but I’m so proud of you for yours!!!

  • Thanks, Tree! I’ll go check out your update, too- and don’t forget to link up, too so others can find your update easily :)

    I haven’t ever tried fried green tomatoes…how do you know when the tomatoes are just right? :)

  • Thank you, Shanna! You are too sweet! :)

  • The garden looks great and I can totally sympathize with you about the watermelon and zucchini’s taking over! This is my first year growing them both and I had no idea what I was in for!

  • Jealous! We are a few weeks behind you & don’t have anything besides a few small Roma Tomatoes growing. I fear that Rabbits are getting in my green beans so I will be fencing them shortly.
    .-= Kristi at Spend Less and Save More´s last blog ..Win a Windex Outdoor Cleaning Tool Starter Kit =-.

  • Terri M

    I have garden envy!! ;) but seriously I am so happy for you. If I took a picture of my garden you would either laugh or cry on my behalf. I have the topsy turvy thing for my tomatoes and a few branches look “burned” by the sun brown if that makes sense. I see a couple buds that seem like they “might” flower to produce tomatoes but fear I am way behind for the hot temps up here in North Phoenix. I also have a square foot garden but the lettuce didn’t make it and the other tomatoe plants look like I crowded them. The pepper plant “seems” to be perking up a little bit (I think that was crowded too but I transplanted some to a pot – that look pathetic) but the ones left in the original garden are the ones that perked up a bit – hopefully I’ll see peppers someday. This is my 2nd try – perhaps the 3rd try is a charm?! :)

  • LOL! I know- I should have known better after the cucumber last year. AND I did space out the zucchini pretty well…but the watermelon is just crazy. Well, it is worth it- especially when we get fresh melon this summer :)

  • Just saw your picture of the garden and it looks great! Tomatoes seem to take a while to start and then all of a sudden you have a ton! :)

  • Thanks, Terry. It is a learning curve- and I definitely don’t have all the answers…I have lost several plants and my poor cilantro is barely hanging on. I’m not sure why- like you- but it is fun to keep trying.

    What kinds of peppers do you have? I have found that Jalapeno seems to be hardy than bell. We also have serranos this year and so far they are doing well.

    Is your tomato getting enough water? I notice those “burned” leaves sometimes, too…but since we put in a consistent water system, I see them less. Good luck and keep me updated!

  • Terri – have you tried shade cloth? My sister swears by it…
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Garden Updates! =-.

  • I’m in PA and haven’t gotten my garden in yet. I have a few plants and that will be all this year. :o(
    Mmmmm, fried green tomatoes! My aunt makes those and they are SOOOO yummy! I never get mine right.

  • Terri M

    yes isn’t it fun? frustrating yet still fun to try until ya get it right!
    I have bell peppers planted this yr. I will step it up on the water for the tomatoes – I am watering them in the am and at night (started that a few days ago) and will have to look into the shade cloth idea Kara mentioned below this post. Maybe my hubby and I can get brave next yr and work on a watering system for our plants too. I LOVE having resources right here in Phx for garden help so thanks!

  • Melissa,
    That is such a beautiful tomato you have. This is actually the first year I’ve planted my own tomatoes, although I think I’m still a little ways away from a harvest. From your pictures, it seems like you have a nice patch of land for growing. I’m living in an apartment building, so my boyfriend and I built a handful of Earth Boxes and have started our own roof top garden. You can buy earth boxes but they’re also very easy to make. I can’t wait to hear more about how your garden is coming along.

  • I told my hubby he should have let me take pictures/video of him putting in the watering system…I think it could have helped :)

    well, I’ll probably want another garden sometime soon…

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