Organization: The Love/Hate Relationship

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by on February 5, 2010

Thank you to Lynn from Maven of Savin’ for this guest post on ways to be more organized.

Anyone who follows my blog Maven of Savin’ knows that this is a HUGE “opportunity” area for me. “Opportunity” was what my old boss would say when there was something hard, or unsavory that needed to be done. “Have I got an opportunity for you…” That was usually followed by “Uh Oh” bells and whistles alarming in my head.

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When I worked outside the home, I was very organized, efficient and dare I say, hugely successful. Since I have taken the plunge into the abyss of being a SAHM ( do you know how long it took me to figure out that meant Stay-At-Home Mom?), it has all gone to “you know where” in a handbasket. Who made up that saying anyway and what is a handbasket??

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OK, I am straying – hence my issue with staying on track to keep my home an organized, well-oiled machine – LOL! Imagine doing all that wearing heels and pearls like they did in the 50’s. Mrs. Cleaver I am not! I am lucky to get showered and out of jeans/t-shirts every once in a while. It has become even worse since I added my coupons and stockpile and all the other fun stuff you are familiar with. I am plagued with the daily trauma of “what’s for dinner?”, followed by the complimentary “YUK!”. The aggravation of unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the sink only to have family members dump dirty dished all over the counters without even peeking if there is room in the dishwasher. And let’s not even get started on the clutter.

So I have been on a mission, a mission to organize. Throughout my journey I have found many great bloggers with ideas, tools and solutions to help us be better “home engineers”. There are so many different ideas for all of our varying styles and personalities. I will just show you a few of my favorites. Go grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and get ready to surf through some great material!!

Meal Planning: This is the process of actually thinking about what’s for dinner before 4pm that day! It is also adding in the frugal approach of actually planning your meals around the weekly sales.

Here are a few resources I love and have begun to use.

  • OrgJunkie is the home of Menu Plan Monday. Every Monday, blogger link their weekly menus including recipes. If you ever need ideas, check it out. She also lists 13 reasons for menu-planning which include saving money and saving time – my 2 favorite things!
  • FistfulofCoupons has a wonderful post again reiterating the importance of meal-planning. What I LOVE about her method is her monthly meal plan. This form allows you to choose certain categories and list 4-5 meals under each one. Then you just plug these into a rotating schedule for your weekly plan. This will be a big help as I sit in front of a blank weekly plan with no ideas of what to have.
  • $5 Dinners is a fantastic blog by Erin Chase who you may have heard of recently with the release of her NEW cookbook! All of her recipes can be made for under $5!! I especially liked her Stock Your Freezer recipes.

There are also tons of resources if you want to do Once-A-Month cooking, or Freezer cooking or Eating from the Pantry. I personally am not ready for that… YET! I am working on writing down the plan and holding myself accountable to it.


  • simplemom is a fantastic blog that covers many areas of simplifying your life. Some of my favorite tools are her Daily Docket and Home Management Notebook. She advocates planning your day by Eating the Frog First (getting the least desirable thing out of the way) while warning us that the thing that will cause us to continue to be disorganized and unproductive is aiming for perfection. Boy did that hit home. There are so many good ideas here you will find yourself clicking from post to post to post!
  • I also love FlyLady’s Beginner’s Baby Steps – she believes you should ALWAYS go to bed with a clean sink so your morning is greeted with a clean “smiling” sink to start your day. I have to agree. When ever I come down to a clean kitchen sink, I feel more motivated to keep groovin’. Her simple steps do not require you CHANGE everything overnight. You start by just cleaning your sink. She build up habits over a 31 day baby step cycle.
speed clean

  • #speedclean Is to help those of us who get sucked into the computer for too long each day. If you are a twitter user and use tweetdeck or any other of the applications that give you instant tweet alerts, start following #speedclean. It was developed by Kelleigh Ratzlaff and the idea behind #speedclean is “that you clean as fast as you can so you can get on to doing the stuff that you love to do. Just get it over with.” Follow the hashtag #speedclean and everyday there will be tweets that say – quick go clean off your counters for 5 minutes. They are quick and it is comforting knowing others are “STEPPING AWAY from the computer” and getting things done. It is actually fun.

I will be doing a little on budgeting in the future and will continue to post organization and simplification tips in my Simply Sunday series. Hope you enjoyed it!

What are your favorite organization tools?


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  • Thanks so much for including the link to MPM! Menu planning has been a lifesaver for me for sure!
    .-= Org Junkie´s last blog ..Guest Post: My Top 3 Organizing Tips =-.

  • What a great post! So many resources in one place. Thanks for the linky love. {Love your blog by the way!}
    .-= Fistful of Coupons´s last blog ..Free Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry’s!! =-.

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas and links. I used to have a very successful corporate concierge business, where I helped other people take care of their errands, shopping, whatever they needed to stay organized! Like Lynn, I have struggled over the last 10 years as a SAHM and wondered how all of those skills I used on a daily basis to run a business suddenly disappeared when it came to taking care of my family and home at the level I would like. I appreciate knowing there are other women who have had the same struggle and I am excited to find some new resources to try to tackle the issue of getting organized at home this year!
    .-= Geri C´s last blog ..A Lesson about Erosion… =-.

  • hi,first of all thank’s for sharing ideas and you manage many resources in one place it is very good and beneficial for us…..

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  • Geri – Hope you like some of the resources. I am putting together my Home Management Notebook NOW to hopefully help me run my day like a job – with more coffee breaks of course – LOL! Good luck on your organization journey, I know we need it!

  • No problem – I hope they help you!
    .-= lynn @ Maven of Savin´s last blog ..CVS $4/$20 from Recyclebank =-.

  • Thank you and thank you to Lynn for the great guest post!

  • Thanks, Org Junkie, I’m looking forward to learning more from your site!

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