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by on August 10, 2009

image Stonyfield has a new Rewards Program to earn points and get FREE products! Just look under the lid for a code and enter it after you sign up for the Rewards program. As of July 1st, 2009, these products are participating in the Rewards Program:

  • Stonyfield Farm 6oz Yogurt Cup
  • Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Quarts
  • Yo Baby Meals

More products will be coming soon, so make sure to watch their site for more information. You get a point just for signing up and you can redeem your points for many different Stonyfield products. Here is just a sample of what you can get for only 25 points:


NOTE: I am not affiliated with Stonyfield Farms. If you have questions or concerns about this Rewards program, I recommend contacting Stonyfield.

Thanks, Thrifty Mama!


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  • angelo

    I have two labels from stonyfield – but they do not have codes on them as you indicate as to how to earn points

  • Marlene Nelson

    I have purchased several conainers (quart size) of yogurt, and they don’t have reward points. Where do I get them? Thank you.

  • I have a couple that don’t have codes either- maybe since it just started, they we have some of the older caps…

  • R. K. Spalding

    Ditto for no points on the last six quart containers of non fat yogurt. What’s up here? rks

  • amy

    i am a subscriber

  • donna

    I have had the same problem-foil lids and no codes. Go to the rewards page, log on w/ your password, and send an e-mail to contact us. This is what I have done. Then an e-mail will come to you giving direction to mail in the numberless foil lids! You will then get your credit!

  • Judy Dolan

    My lids have no numbers. I have been tossing them since they keep saying the program is coming. I think it has already started. Hope this can get corrected soon. Judy in Florida

  • Hi Judy, I haven’t found numbers yet either- but under the lids of the YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals there is a coupon for B2G1 FREE. :)

  • amy

    Awesome, thanks, I love Yogurt and Stoneyfield has more concentrated digestive cultures than the others, so I’m so very excited at this find!!!
    .-= amy´s last blog ..New Fame Movie, Coming Friday!!! =-.

  • Shelly A. Sturm

    Please sign me up thanks.

  • Hi Shelly, I don’t have the ability to sign anyone up. I just wanted to point out the program. If you click on the link “rewards program” in the post, it will tell you more about the program.

  • shirley schneider

    yogurt does not have code numbers on them

  • the lids do not have any codes on them

  • Shay

    Do the yogurt containers themselves count? I’ve been saving them all year. I just counted and I have almost have 25 containers. But then again, if I had saved all the foil lids and Stonyfield accepted them, I’d get one whole free 32 oz container of yogurt, worth a whole $3.35. So, it’s probably not worth the effort. Over the months I’ve seen endless marketing campaigns on the foil lids, and I imagine this will be short-lived, like all the rest. Why don’t they just focus on making yogurt, and stop wasting time on cosmetics?

  • Hi Shay, my understanding from the Stonyfield website is that the it is the lids that contain the reward points.

  • Tony

    I currently consume a quart sized container of Cream-Top French Vanilla DAILY. Since I was eating so much, I decided “what the hell, I may as well go for the rewards”. I signed up as indicated, and out of the last 3 weeks (or 21 quarts, I have only been able to have 3 codes accepted. As much as I enjoy your yogurt, and I really believe that it without a doubt the best product on the market, I feel like I’m being a sucker. The last thing that I want when I’m about to eat your otherwise delicious yogurt, is a “sour taste” because of some stupid rewards program. There doesn’t appear to be anything I can do on my end, I enter and re-enter an re-enter and then get frustrated. What can u do. I would hate to feel like I’, just another pretty face that your company doesn’t give rats ass about. An apology would be quaint, but with the amount of yougurt I consume, I would hope for perhaps some renumeration. I hope this letter wasn’t a waste of time.
    (I Truly Want To Be) A Loyal Fan/Customer Tony

  • Tony, I am not affiliated with Stonyfield Farms Yogurt. I recommend addressing your concerns with Stonyfield so they can discuss them with you.

  • Amy

    If your codes won’t enter just send an email to the company and they will credit your account with the codes they gave me 3 pts for codes that were not working! I already ordered a free product with 25pts!!! love it thanks!

  • shirley schneider

    still am not able to find codes on my yogurt

  • Hi – thought my eyesight was failing me as I couldn’t find any numbers either – glad to know I’m not the only one – hope this is corrected soon as I certainly love my Stonyfield and wouldn’t want to miss many more of these opportunities to earn points.

  • Bonnie Dobbs

    I agree with Jane that it is very hard to read the code numbers.
    I have resorted to a magnifying glass and with several attempts finally
    get the code decipered! Very frustrating!!


    I don’t think your rewards program works…I have tried entering codes from yogurt lids and my reading of the codes apparently does not match with your numbers. Does this system really work? I have more codes to enter, but cannot/will not spend up to 10 minutes each to decipher the codes.

  • Hi Joyce, you probably want to contact Stonyfield directly to ask them. Sorry that I can’t help- I don’t work for them.

  • Larry

    Was trying too get the free book. It said contest ended in February. It is 4am on January 29. That is unfair.

  • Liz

    The website now says that they are extending the rewards program to June 30, 2010 — not Feb.

  • i do not have any trouble accessing any other coupon sites but the one you use.
    not sure what the problem is but wanted you to know that after i go through the install steps, nothing happens.

    love your product! no other yogurt brand for moi!


  • Vanessa

    Hi I have tried several stonyfieldreward codes and have 20/20 vision and can read them perfectly but your website still doesn’t accept them.
    They are the Oikos type yogurts with the foil lids. I would also like to mention that the designs on their particular lids (honey or blueberry) are not listed in the drop down menu beneath where you enter the code. But even when I selected, ‘design not listed’ (or whatever it specifically says) it says that it’s not valid or isn’t recognised?

    Why is that error occurring?

  • florriestern

    I’m having trouble getting on the proper site again to register my coupons. Also, although I have printed in numbers, on 2 occasions, they were not accepted.

  • Hi Florriestern, I think you are looking for:

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