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by on August 27, 2009


Rite Aid is a national chain of drugstores with approximately 4,900 stores in 31 states. It is the largest drugstore chain on the east coast and the third largest in the U.S.

Rite Aid has very straight forward coupon policy: They allow manufacturers coupons from all sources, including internet printables. Rite Aid will accept an internet printable up to $5.00. Rite Aid does not accept internet printables for Free items.

All coupons must have a valid barcode and scan. Rite Aid also publishes coupons in its circular that are Rite Aid Value Savings. These coupons may be stacked with manufacturers. So, you may use one RA coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. Rite Aid also provides coupons for an amount off when you spend a specific amount. For example, $5.00/$25.00 coupon may be used in conjunction with the SCR program, manufacturer coupon and Rite Aid coupon.

Rite Aid’s main savings program is called Single Check Rebates or SCR. The SCR program is designed to allow you to shop at Rite Aid during a monthly cycle and get one check for all the purchases made in the program. There is no shoppers card, UPCs, or coupons to keep track of. You simply need to save your receipt from your qualified purchases and join the program here.

Rite Aid publishes a monthly SCR booklet with each SCR offer in it. You can also view the rebates available here. Each rebate will have a rebate #, valid date and the amount of the rebate. It will also include a description and the rebate limit. Even though an item is listed in a SCR monthly booklet, it does not mean it is available the entire month. Here are two examples of rebates:

Monthly Rebate

August 2009

Rebate #6

Valid from 07/26/09 to 08/29/09

garnier fructis $2.00 Rebate Garnier Fructis

Purchase One (1) of Any Variety:
• Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatments


Weekly Rebate

August 2009

Rebate #119

VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 08/23/09 to 08/29/09**

colgateup to $2.49 Rebate Colgate

Purchase One (1):
• Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, 4 oz.
Purchase Price Will Be Refunded (up to $2.49).

**Rebate valid only on products purchased between the dates shown above. Purchases made outside of stated dates will not be honored for the rebate.


Here are some steps to help you save with SCR:

1) You can print a shopping list on the Rite Aid site. This is helpful to remind you which items you need to purchase. In addition, to monthly rebates, there are also rebates that run outside of this period. In addition to cash rebates, there are also special gifts and gift card rebates. Many times these programs will run for multiple months or outside of the rebate periods.

2) When shopping, you may use coupons in conjunction with your rebates to maximize your savings. There are frequently free after rebate programs that become profitable when you combine with coupons. Once you have made your purchases you will be required to enter your receipt information into the online rebate system. Everything you need you will find at the top of your receipt.

3) I suggest that you enter your receipt immediately after you shop. If you decide to enter your receipt the same day you shop, there will be a day or two waiting period before your items show up. DO NOT request your check at this time. Once you request a check, you are no longer qualified for any other SCR during that rebate period. The only exception to this is if there is a rebate that is offered for a multiple month period. This will show up under a separate area of the rebates and you can select it without selecting your monthly check. If you are unsure, it is better to not request the rebate until the end of the period.

4) At the end of the shopping period, you simply log into the SCR website and click to send my rebate check. You will receive a check in the mail in approximately 2-3 weeks. The website will be updated with a check number and mail date.

5) The check will not be in an envelope when it arrives. They are pink and mailed out of Exton, PA. Be sure to not accidentally throw it away, it does resemble junk mail. It can be cashed at your bank or used towards other Rite Aid purchases. Some Rite Aids will allow you to get cash back while others will not. So, check with your local Rite Aid to see what their policy is. I put the check amount on a gift card and use it to make purchases for the next month SCRs.

While this might sound confusing, the program is actually quite simple. It is very easy to track your rebates and your check. Since you only need your receipt until it is entered, I find it to be my favorite drug store to shop. I have found many deals over the last few years at Rite Aid – I even make a profit most weeks!

For more information on the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program, visit here. Happy Shopping!

Thank you to Shannon for this guest post to give us all some basic lessons on shopping at Rite Aid.


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