Active Swagbucks Code- Expired!

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by on July 5, 2009

There is a FREE Swagbucks code active through 7/5 (I just got mine at 8:30am AZ time). Just scroll down to my “swidget” on my sidebar (very bottom) and click on “SC” to get the swagcode. Then go to to enter your code.

If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, there is still a code for new users: CASHISKING (valid through July 6th at 12pm PST). For more info and step by step instructions, go Here.


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  • wohooo thank you so much!!!

    Maria’s last blog post..Sunday Trips

  • yenitzy

    Do you have another code or codes for july 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 or up
    Because your codes worked perfectly i need more!!!!
    :) ♥

  • Glad they worked for you! You can check the widget at the bottom of my sidebars (just scroll down) and click SC (swagcodes) to see if there are any available. I check a couple times a day to see…

  • alex

    i dont get it all it says is check again and click if theres a swagcode, and doesnt show anything says go to the blog, can you help me pls?

  • If there is a swagcode available, it will say what it is or where it is available. Since there isn’t one available right now, it says to check back later. Does this help?

  • alex

    yes, thank you very much!

  • Rebecca

    will you have swagcodes available whenever a new one comes out or no?

  • Hi Rebecca,

    No, there are new codes every day and some only last for 30 minutes, so I won’t be posted about them. However, if I find one, I usually post it in the chat section (on my sidebar) so others can find it, too. You can check the widget at the bottom of my sidebar to see if codes are available. Hope this helps!

  • Rebecca

    so all i have to check is your chat box for codes?

  • Check the widget first- I don’t always catch the codes, and I don’t want you to miss them. The widget is maintained by swagbucks so it is accurate! :)

  • Rebecca

    what widget lmao do i have to downlaod that ?

  • No, it is on this site, just scroll down the the bottom of my side bar and click the “SC” to find out about swagcodes.

  • Rebecca

    theres never any codes on the swagcode widget :'(

  • I think swagbucks only released 1 code a day (if that) and sometimes it is only available for a short period, so you can have click it at the right time. The widget is maintained by swagbucks, so I don’t have control over when codes are released.

  • Rebecca

    theres a code out right now in the blog but where is it

  • Rebecca


  • Thanks Rebecca! Got it- did you? I posted that it was available in the chat to help others, too!

  • compskiguy

    Thanks i got !! one !! Swag Buck.

  • Rebecca

    k so i got the toolbar and it has a lot of codes but they all say “” so i don’t know if i can enter it on swagbucks or maybe im entering the wrong thing but from what i rea it always says “” and i try other things but nothing ever works

  • Hi Rebecca, I’m not quite sure what you mean. The actual code you enter is what is listed in paratheses. For example in today’s (9/7) toolbar message, I bolded the code:
    Happy Labo(u)r Day!
    September,08 2009
    9/7/09 Enter “NoWorkMonday2osib2j” on Swagbucks before 8PM PDT for a bonus Swag Buck!

    Hope this helps!

  • Rebecca

    so the bold would be the swagcode? and i dont even see that on my thing like its not there anymore but when i looked at that message the bold wasnt there?

  • Hi Rebecca,
    Yes, I bold the info to help show you what the code was (It was not originally bold, I added that). The messages should still be there, unless you deleted them, although the codes are not good anymore since they are time sensitive. Just click the button “From TSG” and you’ll see all the messages.

  • Rebecca

    hmm ill try next time but everytime it just has a quote “” tht looks like that and then thats the only thing that shows up

  • Rebecca

    From TSG
    «Newer Older» Brought to you by Swag Bucks

    It’s coming
    September,09 2009
    9/8/09 Enter “” on any Search&Win site before 9:00PM PDT today (9/8) for a bonus Swag Buck!

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    This is the new thing theres no code there though?

  • Hi Rebecca,

    Not sure why the code isn’t appearing for you. What internet browser are you using?

  • Rebecca

    i dunno a normal one? lmao i didnt update my internet though when the new one came out this year

  • I use firefox since I’ve had a lot of problems with internet explorer. If that is what you are using, that may be the problem…otherwise, I’m not quite sure. You could always email swagbucks- they are very friendly and usually get back to you within a few days.

  • Nance

    I use Internet Explorer and the codes work fine with me. Contact Swagbucks support and they’ll help.

    On a side note, thanks Melissa for the widget. I use it everyday. Comes in handy =]

  • Thank you, Nance!

  • Admin

    Swagbucks is a cool site. I personally have gotten 2 PSPs, PS3, and Nintendo DS. I used premium swag codes to get them. For more info go here:

  • Rebecca

    where is the widget it used to be at the bottom but its not there anymore?

  • Hi Rebecca, you can find it on this post. Thank you!

  • I just found another website called they also have a lot of great deals on pretty much anything.

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