How to Find Swag Codes

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by on June 12, 2009

As promised, I want to help you find swag codes, and they are giving away plenty this week, so now is a great time to go try to find them! Of course, I can’t promise you’ll get all the swag codes available, but hopefully these tips will help.

imageSwag codes are codes that you enter on your account page in the “Enter your Swag Code” box. Codes are case sensitive, so enter them exactly as you found it. They will be available for a limited time or uses, so you’ll want to get them fast!

Places that you can find Swag Codes include these official Swagbucks sites:


Swagbucks Blog



Swagbucks Toolbar ( make sure you are logged in)


And the newest place:  Here at Saving Cents with Sense! I’m excited to have this newest edition to the blog. Not only can you search from this box, but it will give you real time updates on Swag Codes!


If you found this helpful, you may also want to check out my 5 Tips to Earn Swagbucks

UPDATE: Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments, but please do not just leave a referral link below. This post is to help those looking for legitimate ways to find Swag Codes. Comments with excessive referral links or inappropriate material will be deleted.  Thank you!


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  • hey, i just now signed up for this swag stuff and i was wondering,is it a rip off or does it really work, i would like to know before i get ripped off or before i have to go spending money on a bunch of stuff!!!!

  • Hi Brittanie, swagbucks definitely works. I wouldn’t put it on my site if it wasn’t legitimate. You don’t ever have to spend money on swagbucks- you just use it to search the internet like you already do. As you get swagbucks, then you can look through the prizes they offer and decide what you want to buy, with your swagbucks, not your own money.

    I personally love the $5 amazon gift card, which is only 45 swagbucks since you can get about anything from amazon! :) Let me know if you have more questions!

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  • Rahima

    heyy. i just joined swag bucks and so can anyone tell me the page that says how to earn sawgs beacuse i cant find it. x

  • Hi Rahima, I think you are looking for How to Earn Swagbucks.

  • Jim

    hey can u give me swagbucks codes i join this site

  • acfields

    can you give me swag codes it’s july 30

  • Owen

    Mellisa, Will you please tell me some codes for today. I have been on swagbucks constantly for days but I only have 3 swagbucks. today is 8/4/09

  • Hi Owen, I don’t know when codes will be released. The tips above are just to help find them. One of the best resources is the widget, because it will tell you if a code is available, so you don’t have to keep searching for codes. I try to check the widget a couple times a day and if I see one I’ll let people know in the chat box, but I cannot post codes because it goes against Swagbucks policy. They want everyone to have the same chance to searching/finding codes.

    If you are searching using Swagbucks each day, then you should get 1-4 swagbucks a day, I think that may help you build up your bucks more than just swagcodes. Also, don’t forget about Megabucks Fridays, where they give out 10, 20 or more swagbucks just for searching! I hope this helps!

  • fg

    if i join the website can u tell me swag codes please

  • I don’t have access to swagcodes- just the tips I’ve listed above. Thanks.

  • Joshua

    How did you get the widget on your sidebar?
    Is it your windows sidebar or a blog/website sidebar?

  • It is just html that I got from the swagbucks site.

  • Hayley

    No, It’s real I’ve gotten stuff on it too. But it’s a pain to earn them.

  • bensonchao

    notify me if you get any swag codes

  • Melissa

    I don’t have trouble earning them, but it helps if you can get some referrals. I still earn 1-4 a day by searching and don’t forget about Mega Swagbucks Friday!

  • Anthony

    We post daily swag codes on our blog!

  • Thanks, Anthony, but TSG (The Swag Guy) has asked bloggers not to post codes (unless given permission).

    The best news is that everyone can get a Swagcode each day in September if they download the new Swagbucks Toolbar. More information Here. AND for new members, you can get 5 swagbucks just for signing up with a code just for Saving Cents with Sense readers (through 9/10)

  • Josh

    Melissa, how do you put HTML in your sidebar?

  • Hi Josh, are you using wordpress? It is just a text widget. Blogger is similar. Go ahead and email me if you need some more guidance. I’ll try to help!

  • Bextir

    I just want to know what a swag code LOOKS like! does anyone have a screenshot of one? Nothin like searchin blind for something you want but you’re not even sure what it looks like but you keep searching, is this insanity?! LOL please, for real, does anyone have a screenshot of what a swag code looks like? I’d really really appreciate seeing one!!
    Blessings to yas, Bextir

  • I don’t have a screenshot of one, but they are usually in all capital letters in between quotation marks. You can always check the widget at the bottom of the site to see if one is available. It will tell you where it is located if there is one.

  • ghj

    how do u know if you come upon a swag points

  • Lisa

    i am trying to find out the same thing as ghj. where are these codes found on a page?

  • They are usually in “quotes” and will say how long they are active for (also, most are in capital letters)

  • rico001

    coming here was supposed to get me a swag code, but I didn’t get one!!!!!

  • anthony10001

    This really works, but Melissa, how did you get so many swagbucks? how many referrals do you have?

  • Hi Anthony10001, I do have a lot of referrals- but that has come over time. I started my blog a year ago and have been talking about Swagbucks almost as long. Many of my first referrals were friends and family before I had many readers. I truly love swagbucks and have been able to get many great items through them. It is definitely worth it!

  • Rebecca

    how do you get sooooo many swagbucks so fast i was on this website earlier today to check for a code and you had 496 and i come back and you have 410 at the most i;ve gotten 2 in one day how do you manage 14?

  • Rebecca

    i meant 510!!!!!

  • Hi Rebecca, the main way that I get Swagbucks anymore is through referrals. I tell people about Swagbucks and if they sign up under me, then I earn a swagbuck every time they do (for searches). I definitely recommend that you tell your friends, family, readers,etc about Swagbucks so you can both start earning and getting free stuff. :)

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  • Dalyn

    Who cares what the swag guy says if Anthony finds some codes then he should be able to do what he wants with them

  • Adam

    it takes 450 SB to buy a $5 Amazon card…..not 45.

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  • Xanthe

    Hey, when I clicked on the Check for Swagcodes button on the widget, its said code is in toolbar, I was wondering which toolbar it is reffering to?

  • Hi Xanthe, there is a swagbucks toolbar you can install for free. Codes are often there, so it is a great way to find codes. The link to install the toolbar is above (in the post).

  • mac n

    where do i find swag codes

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  • Jessica

    Hi , I’m new to swagbucks & I’m in desprite need of swag bucks ! Can anybody qive me the codes for today ? It’s friday Jan 7th , 2011 !! Thanks

  • Hi Jessica, we can’t give out the codes – that is against Swagbucks policy. But you can look in the places listed above in the post to help you find some. And don’t forget, you can get swagbucks from just searching each day.

  • Glenda

    Happy Friday…I was just searching for something and found Ur site…Anyway I also <3 swag bucks and think it's sad how some of the commenters on here are so rude to You…They need to stop whining and search for swag bucks just like the rest of us,Once they get the hang of it It's really easy and slightly addictive LOL…Im also still learning all the ins and outs of swag bucks I have had my Swag account a little over a week (maybe 2) and have made 498 as of right now,Thank You fot the Swag Advice post and Im looking forward to reading more of Your Blog…Glenda

  • Thank you for your kind words, Glenda!

  • stevie

    I find it rather simple to win them. I have not found any swag buck codes yet but in four days I have earned 1360 swagbucks just from completing tasks or surveys or simply saying that I “like” something on FB

  • stevie

    BTW amazon gift cards are 450 swagbucks. not 45.

  • Stevie, they used to be 45 (when this comment was written in 2009) – Swagbucks increased everything by 10 a while back.

  • Well, The Swag Guy will deactivate your account if you are posting them, and I doubt Anthony wants that.

  • It’s kind of a headache looking for swagcodes I look for them once in awhile. However I earn swagbucks from completing special offers and surveys:)

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