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by on June 3, 2009

garage-sales-tracker-127x12Here is another great resource for you. Garage sales season is here and in full swing!  Now we have a website created out of frustration of finding a clear and concise way to advertise a garage sale while making it easy for the users.

Garage sales are great for so many reasons: First, if you are holding a sale your raising money by selling off your old items and second, if you’re attending a sale, then you are finding great deals! In today’s economy garage sales are becoming an ever more popular way of shopping as many individuals are looking for ways to save money while still purchasing consumer products at great prices.

Goodwill and other thrift stores have recently been featured as the place to go shopping but by going to a Garage Sale you are jumping one step ahead because after a sale most individuals take their items that didn’t sell to these thrift stores.

Some great things you can purchase at a thrift store are:
Board Games
Household Appliances

A highlight of Garage Sales Tracker is that all of the items can now be viewed in advance with pictures and details describing them, thus making the garage sale business that much more efficient than thrift stores. 

So next time you are at a sale and find your jewelry, t-shirts, antiques, furniture, and memorabilia before it makes its way to the thrift store remember this: 
                    You are embarking on the true meaning of bargain hunting.


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