Fresh Jalapeno Poppers from the Garden

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by on June 22, 2009


As promised, I made my Jalapeno Poppers again this weekend, remembered to take pictures, and am sharing the recipe with you! It has been so fun watch my little garden grow each week, and I’m so glad I have been taking pictures to document the progress.

IMG_5136Before getting to the recipe, I wanted to share that the cucumber plant is  continuing to do very well, and I picked our first 3 (2 pictured) cucumbers, each other a foot long!

Melissa’s Fresh Picked Jalapeno Poppers

These Jalapeno Poppers are delicious! And they are healthier since they are baked, not fried. These also have a little twist since they are stuffed with cream cheese and blue cheese. If you don’t like blue cheese, just replace it with cream cheese.


10 Jalapenos
1/2 cup Reduced Fat or Fat Free Cream Cheese
1/2 cup Blue Cheese crumbles
1 Tablespoon Milk
1 Cup of Cornflakes
1 Cup Flour
2 Eggs

IMG_51431) Cut the Jalapenos in half (length wise), removing the seeds and tops.

2)  Mix the Cream Cheese, Blue Cheese, and Milk together to make the filling.

3) Crush the Cornflakes into a fine breadcrumb consistency. (This is a great step for kids to do- just put the Cornflakes in a plastic ziploc bag and let them crush them using a rolling pin)

IMG_51464) Fill the halved jalapenos with the cheese mixture and place in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.

5) Roll each stuffed jalapeno in Flour, Egg, and the Cornflake Crumbs, then place in on a baking sheet.IMG_5151

6) Bake at 400 Degrees for 16-18 minutes until golden brown.


I serve these with Raspberry jelly, but I imagine any jelly would be good, just to give some sweetness to the peppers. Have you made Jalapeno Poppers before? How do you make them?

You can find more recipes at The Grocery Cart Challenge!


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  • They look good.. but hot!!!!

    Felicia’s last blog post..Make Something Monday: Chalkboard Spray Paint Craft

  • They actually aren’t too bad- just a little bit of spice since the “hotness” comes from the seeds. My hubby will eat them raw (crazy) but that is way too hot for me! :)

  • Dezi Allen

    That is very cool. My husband loves these things but I would never have even thought to try and make them myself. Maybe I’ll get the courage… :)

  • It is actually very easy! And I forgot to mention that they aren’t too expensive to make either (especially if you grow your own peppers) but they usually don’t cost too much at the store either. We already had cornflakes, flour, and eggs on hand, so I just had to get the cheese.

    You should try them! :)

  • I’m afraid these would be too hot for me, but I’ll bet my daughter would love them. Not sure where she got her taste for hot foods.

  • We just planted jalepenos this year so I am looking forward to cooking with them when we get our first crop!

    Brenda’s last blog post..Paul’s Tofu/TMTT

  • Poppers really aren’t very hot, especially once you take the seeds out. I think I’m going to try to make jalapeno jelly this weekend- anyone have any good recipes?

  • Rachel

    I like,, and You can search recipes on all three, find suggestions, filter by ingredient, check ratings, and all kinds of great information! I have never made either the poppers or the jelly, so I that’s where I would begin. Good luck! Your poppers sound wonderful…and definately NOT too spicy for me! YUMMMM!!!!

  • Those look so yummy!

    Lori’s last blog post..Garden Update 6-25-09

  • I’m so excited about this recipe!! We are growing jalapenos, and I would love to try this when they’re ready! :)

  • I’m not much of a *hot* person…but I have to admit those look really good. :)

  • I am not a “hot” pepper person, but I must admit, these sound and look yummy….

    donna’s last blog post..Two in One…..

  • I’m a big fan of anything spicy! And, I’m growing some jalapenos in my garden this year! So, this recipe gets bookmarked so I can try it when my peppers come on later next month! Thanks for sharing!

    SentimentsbyDenise’s last blog post..Chicken Black Bean Nachos

  • Tracey@BeAWonder

    My son was JUST asking me if I knew how to make these!! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your post! thanks so much!

    Tracey@BeAWonder’s last blog post..Summer Meals

  • They really are wonderful, hope you enjoy!

  • Jalapenoboy

    Can you do the same thing with other peppers ? oh,loved the jalapenoes recipe i used jalapenoes out of my garden!!

  • I imagine that you can! Although some other peppers are much spicer- but if that is what you are looking for, I bet they would be great!

  • Pearl

    Anyone know if these could be frozen? I’m trying to find yummy make-ahead recipes for the garden jalapenos

  • Yes, they can be frozen and actually that is one of the nice parts of this recipe. Just freeze them before cooking them and store in an air tight container. Then pop them in the oven when you are ready! :)

  • Pearl

    Made these tonight and they were delicious. I substituted panko for the corn flakes because my husband is sensitive to corn. It still came out crispy, but they didn’t have the nice golden brown color as in the photo. As a tip to others, I didn’t seem to need to freeze ahead before the flour, egg wash and crumbs step. They seemed to hold together fine. This cut back on prep time, which is always a plus. Now I have some in the freezer to pull out for a yummy appetizer or snack. Thank you so much for your tips and directions.

  • Pearl

    BTW Melissa,
    I made jalapeno jelly yesterday. I followed the recipe from the sure-jell website:
    I couldn’t find the liquid pectin called for in the other recipes, so I used this one. I have nothing to compare it to as this was my first attempt at making a jam/jelly, but I thought it was very easy. As a newbie to jam-making, I liked that the recipe actually gives the measurements of peppers in cups, not just the quantity. IMHO, I think it turned out great! I made a second batch tonight. Didn’t notice if you’ve since tried to make it, but thought I’d post this just in case.

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  • Rebecca

    I like the idea of serving them with jelly. We always use Ranch dressing but your idea sounds much better! Sweet-hot.

  • Susan

    I use cream cheese and shredded chedder to stuff mine. Then just bake them that way with no breading but next time I may just try the cornflakes.

  • I haven’t tried shredded cheddar on mine – but that does sound good, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Carrie

    I make these without cutting the jalapenos in half. I just cut the stem off and use my peeler to get out the seeds and membrane out. Also if you use bread crumbs, you can add 1/4-1/2 tsp sugar to get the golden color like when using corn flakes. One suggestion for the jalapeno jelly is to add some red pepper also and serve at Christmas time

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