Attack of the Killer Cucumber?

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by on June 2, 2009

Attack of the Killer Cucumber?

Attack of the Killer Cucumber?

I know I missed updating you all on how the garden is doing last week, so there is a lot to share, especially the Killer Cucumber.

Cucumber Attack

Our “little” cucumber plant has started to take over the garden. I mentioned in my last post that it was on the verge of taking over our yellow bell pepper plant. Not long after that, we decided to move the yellow bell pepper plant, which was a very good decision! It wasn’t a moment too soon since the next morning after moving it,  the cucumber plant had wrapped itself around the jalapeno plant, which is 2 feet away! We un-strangled the jalapeno plant and have been “encouraging” the cucumber plant to move away from the other plants. I really am amazed at the growth of this plant, not just size, but how quickly it grows. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how tall it has gotten so far…

All of this growth, and the crazy thing is that there are no cucumbers growing yet. It is flowering every day, but I haven’t spotted any baby cucumbers yet…I’m not sure how big this plant will get, but I do know that I’m glad we only bought 1!

Surviving and Producing

IMG_5026 The rest of the garden is producing and it is very exciting!  We picked our first jalapeno pepper last weekend to add to our omelets (spicy!) and there are at least 8 other peppers that will be ripe soon. We are picking 1-2 cherry tomatoes each day and several bell peppers (green and yellow) are continuing to grow. Our Serrano peppers finally sprouted, too, and we have 6 plants total!

I’m really surprised how well the basil is doing and definitely recommend growing that if you are thinking of starting a herb. Since planting it, it has at least doubled, if not tripled it’s size.

Below: Cucumber plant – As big as my 3 year old! Check out how much it has gr0wn since our Garden Beginnings.


How is your garden growing? What produce are you getting? Do you have a cucumber plant?

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  • I can’t seem to get anything to grow this year. Course it doesn’t help that we keep forgetting to water and that the birds and bugs have pretty much devoured every tiny green leaf that peeks out of the ground. Your cucumber plant has motivated me to try again!

    Geri C’s last blog post..Drycleaners Secret and Walmart Card Winners!!

  • Watering is so important, especially for those of us in AZ. There have been a couple of days when I forget to go out first thing in the morning and my the time I get out there everything looks droopy. Luckily, a little water perks everything up!

    Definitely recommend the cucumber plant- it is hardy!

  • What a nice garden. Congratulations on your success :o)

    Lori’s last blog post..Garden Update 6-4-09

  • I enjoyed your photos. We have two cucumber plants, but they’re only about five inches tall right now. We’re looking forward to picking cucumbers, because I won’t buy them at the grocery store when they’re 70 cents each!

    Our tomato plants have blossoms, and the strawberry plants have a few tiny berries. Other than that, we’re nowhere near ready to pick anything. :)

    Melissa’s last blog post..L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift – Seven Weeks

  • Hi Melissa ~ I know what you mean about buying cucumbers at the store. My cut off price is $.50, anything over that, and I won’t buy them. I really look forward to having our own fresh supply. I’m sure your cucumber plants will grow fast like ours! We just make sure it is watered a couple of days, and that nothing is too close to it (like our yellow bell pepper plant) and it has taken off! Our was only a few inches high when we planted, too, and that was only 1 month ago! Check out the picture here (it is the top left plant).

    Our strawberries are pretty tiny, too, not sure what we need to do to get them bigger…anyone with thoughts on that?

  • Wow! We have planted our garden in phases, so our cucumbers haven’t even sprouted yet, but I look forward to it when they do! They’re in their own raised bed, so hopefully they’ll stay contained! :)

  • Your garden looks great!

    We are picking a couple of cherry tomatoes each day and then saving them until we have enough for eveyone to have some before I use them in a salad. I am looking forward to being able to just go out and pick all I need each evening before dinner.

    Alea’s last blog post..The Perennially Long Suffering Gardener

  • Sam

    This year is my first time having a garden, and I love it. My cucumber plant did the exact same thing! I’m trying to encourage upward growth.

    Also, I have many green bean plants. I was wondering when you should pick them/ is it okay to leave them on the plant even if they are ripe?

  • This is my first garden, so I’m not a pro, but from my experience, it is good to pick them when they are ripe. I think it helps the plant and eventually, the veggies will start to turn bad if you don’t pick it. I’ve also noticed that they more you pick, the more new growth starts up. Hope this helps!

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