Double Check Your Receipts

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by on May 18, 2009

Have you ever left the store feeling like you spent more than you planned? Or maybe you just couldn’t watch the cash register at checkout because your kids were screaming and you were trying to unload the cart. You are hoping that all your coupons worked, you got the great savings you planned out, but you’re not sure.

Part of saving, and finding the best deals, includes double checking your receipt BEFORE you leave the store. If you think about it, we spend plenty of time checking the ads, matching up coupons, and following our carefully made lists, but all that is for nothing, unless we actually get the deal. Those few minutes of double checking could cost plenty.

Example: I love Fry’s, and usually have great service, but yesterday afternoon was a perfect example of how a cashier can mess up. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully check my receipt before leaving the store (even though my gut told me something was wrong) but I was in a hurry to get my kids home. What I found once I was home was that several clearance items did not ring up correctly (costing me $11.20), a sale priced item did not ring up correctly (costing me $3.10), and the cashier did not return at item that I had asked her to (costing me $3.99). Total that was $18.29!

Fortunately, when my hubby went back to fix the mistakes (while I managed the kids at home), customer service was wonderful and gave him our money. However, please learn from my mistake and always double check your receipt. If you find something wrong, it is much easier and will save you time to just get it fixed immediately (before leaving the store). If you do have to go back, go as soon as you find the mistake. The more time that lapses, the more likely you will not get your money.

More than just Grocery Stores. Double checking your receipt is just as important at the super stores: Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. Deals may not always ring up correctly, especially clearanced items. I’ve had this happen to me so many times at Target that I’m just used to checking my receipt before leaving the store. Restaurants, or fast food chains, are the same way. If you take in a coupon, make sure you get the correct deal because the only one that will watch out for your money is you.

It may be frustrating when advertised deals do not ring up, but in my experience, a store is usually helpful in fixing the mistake. I just need to make sure I catch it!

Have you had experiences, good or bad, with double checking your receipt? How do you handle it when you find mistakes?

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    Excellent advice! I try to watch as they ring my groceries out. My mom came home from shopping the other day only to find she had been overcharged 19 cents on an item.

  • pam

    I always double check receipts. Mistakes happen and it is worth your while to keep an eye on things. The worst experience I had was at the Gap. I had gotten a skirt which was marked down, but it didn’t ring up that way. I was shopping with two kids and didn’t notice until I got home. I had bought the skirt as a gift so I gave it away, and just snipped off the ticket. I returned to the store with the receipt and the price ticket and they refused to give me the difference, saying it was my responsibility to check prices before leaving the store and leaving the store meant I was agreeing to the prices! I was livid, it was only a few dollars, but that was crazy. I talked to the manager, and still got no where. I finally called there 1 800 customer care line, and they said the same thing, but finally gave in and issued me a $10 gift card. It is def. worth your time to pursue, if only for the principal of the thing.

    I don’t shop at Gap anymore.

    Sorry for the rant, but these things get me fired up and you did say don’t be shy:)

  • Dan Danford

    Good advice! Thanks for sharing your experience. Will RT for you. I’m @family_finances.

  • The Sensible Momma

    Thank you Donna and Dan!

    Pam, I don’t blame you for not shopping at Gap anymore. That is really awful! I don’t really shop there, but since Old Navy is owned by the same company (and I shop there), this is great information to know.

  • Courtney

    Yep – I’ve messed up before too. Just about a month ago there was a deal where if you bought 6 boxes of GM cereal a $3 coupon would print at the register(doubled with my coupons and the sale prices it made the boxes come out to a little over a $1 each). But When I got home I realized that I had only bought 5 boxes of cereal – so I didn’t get the sale price or the printable coupon!!! Argh!!!- so I drove back and customer service allowed me to buy the 6th box (for which I had a coupon and they gave me the sale price back) and they gave me the $3 off any purchase coupon!!! So I was so glad I went back – hooray – it’s good when customer service is understanding :-) Gotta check those receipts – or better yet feed the kids skittles so they’ll be quiet while I watch them scan the stuff in!!!! hehe!


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  • FrugalBeagle

    I agree, once the cashier charged me for 11 mangoes instead of 1!

  • Susan

    This happens *all the time*!!! I’ve gotten a lot of free food at Kroger because they’ll give you the item free if it doesn’t ring up properly. There is one store in particular where it happens almost every visit. Just think about all the unsuspecting customers who are overpaying and don’t realize it.

    I also had this happen at CVS tonight. They had a 75% off cart. I pulled out a few items, but they all rang up regular price. I pointed this out to the cashier who said someone must have put them in the cart by mistake. Only, EVERYTHING in the cart that we tried was ringing up full price.

  • The Sensible Momma

    Courtney- wow, that was great customer service!

    Frugal Beagle- yikes, 11 mangos!

    Susan- I wish our local Fry’s (kroger affiliate) had that policy! :)

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  • Beth

    Susan – I wish our Kroger’s here in GA had that policy too! I know that Publix does – so if any of you shop at Publix definitely check your receipt. I’ve gotten a lot of free items there because they didn’t ring up correctly…everything from bread and milk to sunscreen and paper towels. Definitely worth the couple of extra minutes to check the receipt! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Laurie Wells

    Meijer is the absolute worst. Almost every single time I go in there, something rings up wrong. It’s so bad that I boycotted for a really long time, and now I only go in for one or two things so I can watch really closely…

  • Raluca

    Wish you had posted this last night…. I went to Walgreens and did a deal, but realized only when I got home that I was missing a RR. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do now? It was only for $2.00…but still! ;-) Thank you for all the tips!

  • Jessica Cox

    I was just telling my hubby how frustrating it is to get overcharged at virtually EVERY store I shop at! It is almost always in the $2 to $3 range, and when you figure in 4 to 5 stores a week….that’s a lot of money! I try to make a habit of checking the receipt before leaving the store, but kids and stress and time makes that impossible sometimes.

  • kristi

    i was doing a mini shop at walmart and saw the 96 ounce apple juice on sale for $1.48 (anything under $1.80 i load up on!!!) so i grabbed 5…didnt notice until i got home and was scanning my stuff for ncp, went back and they adjusted no problem (rang up $2.28!) that was a huge difference!! =)

  • Doris

    I always try to focus on the register when I shop…at ANY stores…mistakes are easy to do & I also watch as my coupons are being you said, aftere taking the time to get them organized & ready…I like to make sure I receive all I’m entitled to. My kids knew better than to misbehave/interrupt as I’m at the register. They’d get a teat for helping!~ When you’re talking about saving money…it’s best to keep a watchful eye as you checkout!~

  • I checked my receipt before leaving Walgreens yesterday and noticed that the cashier failed to apply all the of the RR’s I gave him. I gave him three ($2., $3. & $5.). He only took off the $2. and $3. RR’s. I’ve had checkers mess up the most at Stater Bros. They have used the wrong produce codes (one time charging me over $15 for a $4 watermelon) and rang up the wrong quantity. They are less than thrilled when I ask them to fix it but I figure it’s their job, they need to do it right.

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