Make Your Own Non-Toxic Bug Spray

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by on March 18, 2009

If you want a simple, natural, easy to make and NON-TOXIC bug spray, check this out!

This works best if you buy a squirt bottle (I’ve seen these for $1 at target, IKEA, big lots…so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a cheap one). Then add EQUAL parts of:

  • Liquid Dish Detergent (any kind)
  • Gin
  • Vinegar

Just mix the ingredients along with the same amount of water (if in the squirt bottle, you can just shake it up with the top on tight).

Example: In a 24 oz squirt bottle, add: 4 oz liquid dish detergent, 4 oz Gin, 4 oz Vinegar and 12 oz of water.

Then spray where ever you have a bug problem. This works really well with stopping those annoying ants. We used it out by our pool to get rid of all the ants last summer and it worked great! Plus, since it is non-toxic, I didn’t mind letting my 3 year old spray it, or spraying it near the garden.   Not only is it all natural and non-toxic, but it is also much cheaper than buying expensive bug spray.

This was the main bug spray we used growing up and my mom also told me that it works great to get rid of that pesky grass and weeds that grow between the sidewalk cracks.

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  • wherelifebecomesart

    I JUST found ants in our playroom today, but being my kids playroom, I haven’t wanted to use bug spray. Since we have hardwood floors, I might just give this a try. I just wish I had some Gin around…lol.

  • The Sensible Momma

    I have actually made the spray without Gin (when I was in the college dorms) and it worked well against ants…it isn’t as strong- but it is a nice solution!

  • Joy

    An even less expensive option, that also works great:

    1 tsp. real liquid soap (like ivory)
    1 tbsp. oil
    in a gallon jug of water

    Shake it up, and put some in a squirt bottle. I use this on ants, too, and it kills them almost instantly.

  • Lisa

    Great- I am always looking for an effective, lower chemical option for pest and weed control. Do you know if it kills grass too? Thanks for the great idea.

  • The Sensible Momma

    Hi Lisa,

    I haven’t tried it, but my mom said that she has used it to kill grass, too. Hope this helps!

  • Jeannie Martin

    Can this type bug spray be used on skin to keep bugs from biting during a wedding?

  • Hi Jeannie, I haven’t tried it on the skin – but the ingredients probably wouldn’t harm skin. The only thing is the soap will make it slimy, which you may not want at a wedding.

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  • John

    In what universe is gin cheaper than bug spray?

  • Non toxic bug spray is not cheap – and you can (should) use cheap Gin – buy a small bottle if you don’t have any around the house. Plus, as mentioned below by others, and myself, you can also try the non-Gin version.

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