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by on February 9, 2009

caleb babyThe last few days have been long, in all honesty, the days have melted together and it is hard to distinguish each day. We have been in the hospital since Saturday and I really didn’t realize how serious the situation was until later after many nurses told me how worried they were. Although I started this blog to discuss ways to save money, I feel that this experience is so much a part of me, that I need to share with you since many of you are moms, too.

This illness came on so fast. We had a well visit on Wednesday, in which he was fine. Friday he woke up with a cough, but it seemed to just be a cold. Friday night I was a bit worried since he started weezing a bit, so when we called the doctor, they suggested we come in first thing on Saturday. It was a rough night since our baby didn’t want to lay flat, so my husband and I took turns holding him all night.

We went to the doctor’s office on Saturday morning and I expected to have him get a breathing treatment and head home. Yet, after 2 treatments, his oxygen levels were still dropping. We went straight to the hospital, where he was admitted and immediately put on oxygen and an IV. Unfortunately, by that time since he couldn’t eat that morning due to his breathing, he was getting dehydrated.

He was very close to being put in ICU because he was going down hill fast-being only 9 months and 18 lbs, it didn’t take much for him to start to deteriorate. The oxygen and fluids in the IV helped. They ran several tests and finally concluded that he has pneumonia. For the past few days, we have not slept much, but slowly he has shown progress. As of tonight, they removed the oxygen to see if he can breath normally on his own and if progress continues we may go home tomorrow.

As a mother, this has been such a difficult time…to see your little baby struggle to breath, to scream and cry as he is poked and prodded with different tests and reach out to you, hoping you can comfort and make the pain go away. My heart has broken several times, yet it has melted every time I have seen his smile as he starts to feel better. Today he was able to play for short periods and through all of this, he started waving to people…each nurse, respiratory specialist, doctor, or other hospital personnel. He has learned how to express his need for me and his daddy, no matter how small and it has been amazing to feel his love.

I’m so thankful for the blessing of my child and those that have helped, prayed, and sent their best wishes to us during this time. Thank you all.

**Update** 2/28: My little one just turned 10 months and I’m happy to report that he is healthy and happy! This was such a scary experience, and in all honesty, at this point it just feels like a bad dream (all the medical bills definitely remind me that it was no dream-but now I can keep saving to help pay off those bills).

Thank you again for all the prayers and good wishes that we sent our way! It means so much to have wonderful friends and family to support us!


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  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad he is ok. As a mother your story really touched me. God Bless.

  • The Sensible Momma

    Thank you. We have been home from the hospital now for 2 days and it is so wonderful. I think we all appreciate our life together even more!

  • allhisblessings6

    I went through something very similar with my 5th child. He was only 3 months old and quickly went downhill like your little one. We thought we were going to lose him. It was the most scariest time in our lives. To this day I praise God and give Him all the glory for healing my son. Today my son is a big, healthy almost 8 year old and you’d never, ever know exactly how ill he was as an infant, praise the Lord! Hope your little one is continuing to do great!!!

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