Stocking Up: Hitting the Sales

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by on February 26, 2009

A reader sent me a question that I think maybe useful for many of you that are new to using coupons…

“…When you are shopping, do you buy only what you need or if there is something on sale and you have coupons for it, but don’t necessarily need it at that point, do you still stock up so you get the savings?…”

Answer: Regarding sales and coupons, I do buy things if they are on sale a great deal or FREE. Now, that means that I have created a stock pile (what began as a small box in my bathroom closet has now taken over the closet!) But, one amazing part is that when we need things, I get to “go shopping” at home.

Drug Store Shopping:
First, if you are new to CVS, check out my CVS 101 post.

Then, check the deals. (For this week’s current deals, go HERE)
For example, in December, one sale at CVS included FREE Right Guard Clinical Strength deadorant after ECBs (normally costs around $8-$10) . The deal included the deodorant on sale for $6, with $6 in ECBs. The limit was 5, so I got 5 boxes for $30 and walked away with $30 in ECB to use on my next transaction (which is how you can “roll” your ECBs).

I try to find items every week that are either FREE or very low cost. With coupons, you can get many things for just a few cents. (New to coupons? visit Couponing 101) So, my husband does have 5 things of deodorant in the stock pile for him, but it lasts and if anything gets close to an expiration date, I’m going to donate it so I’m not wasting anything.

Grocery Store Shopping:
I stock pile on food when it is on sale so that they only things I HAVE to buy each week are the staples. We have an extra freezer (got on clearance) and I have extra bread, cheese, tortillas, veggies, fruit (berries, especially) and meals in there. When I find a great deal, I stock up so I don’t pay high prices when I need it.

Did this post help you? Do you still have questions? Let me know!


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