A Reader Asks: Can We Save Money and Be Healthy?

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by on February 6, 2009

A reader asked how to save money AND stay healthy…so, I’m up to the challenge to find the best deals for us on how to stay healthy and save money. Before I list some FREEBIES I found, I want to say…

We have several health food stores to choose from, however, many of our major grocery stores have great healthy foods, too. Saving money does not mean that we need to buy the least expensive, completely processed food. Some healthy food (like blueberries this week at Fry’s) go on sale at different times and are good to grab. Ways that I have saved money through coupons, bargains, and samples are:
    • We don’t eat out as much. When I was working, I would go out to lunch a couple of times a week, say I spent $5-10 each time and I was easily spending $30-40/week. I also did not plan our dinners ahead of time, which led to eating out for dinner more often than we should have.
    • Now that I’m looking for the best deals, when I find one, I stock-up. We were very lucky to find a returned full size freezer at Lowe’s a couple of years ago, so I am able to freeze our extra food.


  • Along the lines of the freezer- I have learned to cook bigger batches of food at a time (something that was great when I was pregnant!) and freeze the left overs. By doing this, on those days when I don’t feel like cooking, all I have to do is defrost something.



  • I also converted a closet to a pantry (our kitchen unfortunately doesn’t have a pantry) so I have plenty of room for all the cans and boxes of food I stock-up on.



  • If you are still wondering about Free samples, like the ones I post regularly, they really are a great deal. Most samples come with at least one coupon and when you match that with a sale, you can get quality products at low prices.


More to come as I find them! Do you know of something I should add?


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