Good Cents For Moms-Make a Diaper Cake for the Baby Shower

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by on February 4, 2009

When I was pregnant with my second son, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have a baby shower since I didn’t need a lot of the usual toys, clothes, etc after having my first son only 2 years earlier. However, I also wanted to celebrate my second pregnancy, so I had a “Diaper Shower”. Very similar to a “baby shower” except all the gifts were either diapers and/or wipes. Those of you that know me (and may have participated!) know that I ended up getting a TON of diapers.

My mom also created a “diaper cake”, which is a bunch of diapers rolled together to form a cake. Usually, size 1 and 2 are used since they are small enough to roll up and they will be useful when baby comes. There are many different versions out there, but I really think my mom did a great job! Not only was it a great center piece, but it was also very practical since I was able to use all of the diapers in the cake. Here’s a picture of my “cake.”

This was such a great shower since I was able to use all of the gifts (diapers/wipes) and it was also easy for my friends and family to pick something out. I definitely recommend a diaper shower to anyone who is having a 2nd, 3rd, or more and wants to celebrate the pregnancy/birth, but doesn’t need all of the little things you get in a normal baby shower. It may also be a good idea for someone having their 1st, but with multiple baby showers, many items are duplicates.
So, how did this help me save money? Well, my son is 9 months old now and we still haven’t bought a single diaper! I wish I had taken a picture of all the diapers in the closet shelves (that my husband had to build for all the diapers!), but you’ll have to imagine it. And the great news? We still have 2 boxes of diapers left!


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  • Quiana

    May I also suggest a Big Kid Shower. You can plan a potluck with friends. Everyone brings their “gently” or never used shower items. You exchange and what items are left you donate to the groups favorite charity. I have cleaned out my children’s closet several times and have been able to pass on so much.

  • The Sensible Momma

    Wow, that is a great idea! Sounds like it is similar to a white elephant? But it can be planned any time a year. That is wonderful, thanks!

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